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Situational analysis of child domestic labour in Togo
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Situational analysis of child domestic labour in Panama
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Newsletter: Action around the Globe for World Day Against Child Labour 2013

What's New

Training Workshop on Advocacy for Child Domestic Workers in Togo

From 22nd to 24th July 2014, WAO-Afrique organised a training workshop on advocacy for child domestic workers and civil society in the Centre Hihéatro of Avédji. The workshop was attended by 40 people, including 25 children and youth and15 adults from children and youth clubs and partner institutions of WAO-Afrique. Using methodologies such as group activities, the workshop helped the participants to understand the basics of advocacy, the difference between advocacy and awareness and how to carry out advocacy activities, especially for child labour and child labour in domestic work.


WAO Afrique, Togo Brings Together Children and Youth Clubs on World Day Against Child Labour

As part of the celebration of the World Day, WAO Afrique held a working session with three children and youth clubs. The session included presentations from the participants followed by a discussion on this year’s theme of “Let's eliminate child labor in extending social protection”. A number of suggestions were also put forth by the unions for the protection of young domestic workers. The event also highlighted the commendable work that WAO Afrique has been doing for child domestic workers in and around Lomé.


Read the report in English here


To read more about Action in Togo click here


GODH Lahore focuses on Child Labour in Domestic Work on World Day

Global March partner in Pakistan, GODH organised a first of its kind ‘Awareness Raising & Door-to-Door Sticker Campaign on Child Labour in Domestic Work’ from June 11-17, 2014 in Lahore, Pakistan. Thousands of children in Pakistan working as domestic servants are deprived of their basic right to education and are often subjected to abuse and violence. Thus, the week- long programme which was a part of the Global March worldwide campaign  ‘FREE: Free from Exploitation for Education’ was launched with a two-pronged approach- to reach out to the common man along with sensitising the government on the issue of CDL.


The week long campaign included meetings with the Deputy Registrar of Lahore and Secretaries of housing societies.  Members of the Societies and volunteers of GODH Lahore also conducted a door -to -door visit and gave awareness, distributed pamphlets and pasted stickers declaring the houses to be FREE of child labour in domestic work.  A press conference was also organised by GODH on the 12th of June, the World Day Against Child Labour which saw the participation of representatives of Plan Pakistan, Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), Pakistan, South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) along with local residents and received coverage from the media.

Liberian Partner ANPPCAN targets Kpallah in its World Day Campaign this year

In collaboration with the Global March and with support from the United States Department of Labour (USDOL), ANPPCAN celebrated the World Day against Child Labour in Kpallah Community, rural Montserrado County from June 10- 28, 2014.  This year’s celebration is part of the global movement awareness against child labour in domestic work.

The series of events on June 12, the World Day Against Child Labour were held at the Kpallah Public School.  A lively debate by the students on the dangers of child labour in domestic work was followed by a skit titled ‘Enough is Enough’ where the children performed on the issue of CDL and opted for education as an alternative.   The programme was attended by representatives of ANPPCAN Liberia along with the principal and teachers of Kpallah Public School and members of the local community. The celebrations were brought to an eventful end with a kickball and a football match amongst the students.


The World Day celebrations during the week also included a media mobilisation and awareness drive on ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers and was aimed at bringing child labour in domestic work issues to the fore.  Following the positive response to the World Day programme, ANPPCAN plans to target more grassroot level communities and also scale it up to the national level.


Global March and ILO-IPEC launch a Resource Manual on child domestic work

The resource manual is intended to support all those wishing to take action against child labour in domestic work and to protect young domestic workers of legal working age. It is designed, in particular, to strengthen the capacity of trade unions and workers' groups, community-based organisations and NGOs to advocate for an end to exploitation and abuse of children in domestic work, and to provide good practice guidance on the best ways of directly assisting these children.

The manual has been prepared as part of the Global March Against Child Labour's advocacy campaign for the elimination of child labour in domestic work and the protection of child domestic workers of legal working age.

In addition to providing practical guidance to those planning advocacy and direct assistance with child domestic workers, the manual also offers suggestions to groups on how they can promote change on some of the wider socio-economic issues affecting them.


Organisation of a press conference by child domestic workers in Togo

January 20, 2014

To mark their presence in lobbying activities for the ratification of Convention 189 by the Togolese Government, the Advisory Committee of Child Domestic Workers, the Association of Working Children and Youth of Togo- Lomé section, the Domestic Workers Trade Union held on December 24, 2013 in the meeting room of WAO-Afrique, a press conference in order to mobilise the media and public opinion around the Convention 189 adopted by the ILO in 2011. Given that in Togo, the process of ratification of the Convention has not yet been completed, youth and children working in the domestic sector seized the opportunity to meet the press and make an urgent appeal to parliament and the Togolese government for the ratification of this Convention. The press conference was attended by a dozen of State and private media. For child domestic workers, a new law will help to remove from domestic sector, children less than 14 years and will help to ensure better conditions of life and work for those who work the sector in compliance with Conventions 138 and 182 of the ILO.


One of the highlights of the press conference was the presentation of the press release by the president of the Domestic Workers Trade Union that took into account the following points:

  • We make a strong appeal to the Togolese Parliament to ratify as soon as possible the ILO Convention 189;
  • We urge the Togolese government to implement that ratified Convention;
  • We urgently appeal to the Ministry of Labour to sign the draft order validated regulating domestic work submitted by Child Domestic Workers of Togo since 2012.
  • Finally, we invite all civil society to work alongside the Togolese government to better protect domestic workers of Togo, the sub-region, Africa and the world by taking appropriate action.

To read more about Action in Togo click here


2 child domestic labourers brutally assaulted in Pakistan

January 8, 2014

It is a rather unfortunate start to the new year. The first week of this new year witnessed the brutal assault and subsequent death of 2 girls employed as domestic helps in Lahore (Punjab), Pakistan. 10 year old, Erum Ramazan was assaulted and tortured to death by her employer on January 2. Three days later, 16 year old Azra was allegedly sexually assaulted and killed by her employer. Sadly, these incidents are not new in Pakistan. From January 2010 to December 2013, as many as 52 similar cases of children in domestic work had been reported in Pakistan, including 24 deaths and 85 per cent of the cases reported from the Punjab. In 2010, 12 cases of torture and 7 deaths of child workers were reported; in 2011, 10 cases of torture and 6 deaths were reported; in 2012, 8 cases including 3 deaths were reported; and in 2013, 21 cases including 8 deaths were reported.

Despite the increasing cases of abuse of children as domestic helps, child domestic labour continues to be excluded from the national child labour laws. The Employment of Children Act 1991 in its schedule of banned occupations does not include child domestic labour, deeming it a non-hazardous activity for children to engage in. In June 2013, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo moto action against child domestic labour declaring it a form of slavery and unconstitutional and directed the governments to take measures accordingly. However, there is considerable work to be done to tackle child domestic labour and an amendment in the laws remains pending.

Child Rights Movement (CRM), Punjab - a network of civil society organisations staged a demonstration in front of Press Club of Lahore on Tuesday (January 7th) against these 2 deaths and child domestic labour in Punjab province. Global March’s civil society partner in Pakistan, Grassroot Organisation for Human Development (GODH) is at present hosting the Child Rights Movement’s Secretariat for Punjab province.

Global March Against Child Labour in its protest against the atrocities on child domestic labourers in Pakistan submitted a letter to Nawaz Sharif, Hon'ble Prime Minister of Pakistan urging the goverment to take urgent and immediate action against the perpetrators of child labour.

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