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Uganda Education Appeal

We all have the right to read, write, play and experience what school is like, in whatever circumstances one may have been born in. Yet millions of children are missing their chance to learn and are being pushed into child labour, for one simple reason: education is not free in Uganda.

We are facing a crises in Uganda, as millions of children are losing an opportunity to go to school just because education is not completely free as parents are supposed to contribute towards books, uniforms, meals and many a times tuition fees.  But many parents in rural Uganda cannot afford to pay for any of the educational needs of children, eventually pushing millions out of school and into child labour.

Global March Against Child Labour is striving hard to bring more and more child labourers and out of school children to school and ensure that the 1200 children enrolled between the year 2016 -2017, receive scholastic support, uniform and nutritious meals, every term in an year.

But we are not doing enough. We need your support to ensure that these 1200 children continue their education next year as well and not lose another year of school.

By donating today, you can support us in:

  • Withdrawing more children from child labour
  • Paying tuition fees of 1200 children
  • Paying for scholastic support, uniforms and meals
  • Giving a chance in life to these children that they deserve.

Your gift will go straight to Global March’s directly supported program in Uganda.

Your donation today, can change a life.


Please support us!