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NL-Aid on BBA & Global March – A Rectification & Apology

26 March 2012: Global March would like to take this opportunity to inform its members, partners and the global movement against child labour regarding a public retraction and apology by a blogger. A series of very unpleasant e-mails and web-articles were in circulation in the last couple of years, on the web blog, which made unfounded and slanderous allegations against our chairperson, Kailash Satyarthi, our Indian member, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), the South-Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS) and Global March Against Child Labour.

These allegations by Mr Hans Sluijter were causing harm to our organisation and our work, and we had taken legal opinion and informed Mr Sluijter of the same. Following this, he has issued a retraction and an apology, which can be seen on his web blog: We thank all our partners, members and supporters for your timely advise, faith and support in us and our work. We hope that this retraction and apology by Mr Sluijter is a small remedy for the unpleasantness that has been caused to you and the movement against child labour by his negative campaign.

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