Global March

Supporting Action in Countries Towards Achievement of SDGs

In order to eliminate child labour all across the world, Global March recognises the important contribution that civil societies and other stakeholders can make in policy dialogue, assistance in policy formulation or change, along with independent monitoring of these policies. While many CSOs seem to be ready to assume such roles, there is a big capacity gap in other parts of the world, especially on linking child labour elimination efforts with the education for all agenda.

The Global March Against Child Labour thus works towards establishing strong, representative and cohesive partnership within the worldwide movement, which underpins the implementation and achievement  of Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 4, Target 8.7 and 16.2, aiming to promote quality, inclusive and  equitable education and ending child labour, slavery, trafficking and violence against children.

With this vision, Global March provides significant support to child rights organisations, trade unions, and teachers ‘associations, in taking effective action to contribute, interact and influence  governments, Parliamentarians, private sector and other stakeholders for fulfilling our mission for a child-friendly world.


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