Global March

Global March carries out knowledge and evidence based advocacy to highlight the issue of child labour and trafficking and the need to eliminate it within this generation, by promoting the cause for quality, inclusive and equitable education for all, based on our three-pronged strategy.

We stand up for children’s rights and inform the communities, the children and the decision makers about child rights. We encourage children to actively take part in the decision making process that affects their lives and empower them to raise their voice and speak up for themselves and be heard, especially on ending child labour and trafficking.

Global March believes in going beyond campaigning and influencing policy formulation and change by not only carrying out the advocacy initiatives itself but also by supporting its partners all around the world to work closely with the governments and non-government agencies. Drawing from the real life experiences that are backed by empirical evidence and research, Global March translates them into issues of advocacy at national and international levels, to ensure no child is left behind and child labour is eradicated across the globe.

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