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Revaluating Child Labour in Agriculture: The Sugarcane Case of India

The recorded evidences of slavery in sugarcane date back to 15th century, with armies of slaves being bought together, mostly from Western Africa to work on sugarcane farms on the New World Plantations. Peak of the 19th century saw more than 10 million Africans forcibly migrating to most of the

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Field Notes from Nepal

I recently had a chance to spend few days with our partner organisations in Nepal in last week of October 2018, who graciously agreed to host my visit to the country. This blog is meant to applaud the amazing work they are doing to advocate for and protect children’s rights,

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What We Would All Be Missing

*This article has been written by Chairperson of Global March Against Child Labour, Timothy Ryan and was published in Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

In February, 40 organizations convened a brainstorming workshop at a conference center south of London focused on a new development goal adopted by the United Nations:

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Education in the Time of War: Harnessing the Potential of SDG 4

Education is not just a fundamental human right, but also an enabling right – essential for the exercise of individuals and communities at different levels. It plays a significant role in supporting survival, growth, development and well-being of nations and its children. Enhanced investment in education also contributes to higher

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Moving Beyond Primary Education to End Child Labour

Far too many children, adolescents and youth (264.3 million) are currently out of school due to a number of factors relating to their living conditions, financial constraints and social adversities. Education is a key to end this roadblock, escape poverty, end child labour and lead a life of dignity. However,

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Everywhere But Invisible: Girl Child Labourers in Agriculture

“She is barefoot, covered in dirt and sweat. She can be seen pulling weeds from rows of sugarcane; a work reserved for adults, not children. She can only wear a cap to protect her from the scorching sunlight, rain or storm and goes back home after a working day of

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Children of the Fields: Child Labour in Agriculture

Child labour has been a prolonged issue for the better part of this century, especially in the field of agriculture, where unlike the service industry there is a lack of effective rules and regulations to guard against children being employed in farms and fields. While the number of child labourers

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Trafficking and Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains – The Gender Lens

In recent years, those concerned with the issues of trafficking, forced labour and slavery have begun to focus on supply chains as a new arena of action with a focus on girls and young women. Millions of people including women, men and children continue to toil in forced labour for the

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In Conflicts and Disasters, Protect Children from Child Labour

Around the world 535 million children are living in countries affected by conflicts and disasters. One out of every four children is a victim of conflicts and displacement crises in countries already struggling with poverty, malnutrition, armed conflict and the impacts of natural disasters. Lake Chad Basin, South Sudan, the

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The Human Right That Keeps on Giving

Op-ed by Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate & Commissioner at International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity
NEW DELHI – In Côte d’Ivoire, I once met a boy working on a cocoa farm whose only dream was someday to taste the rich brown chocolate he helped produce. And in Pakistan,

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Trabajo Infantil en Panamá

Unos de los problemas que presentan los niños y niñas de este país es la falta de educación, los niños y niñas a temprana edad viajan de los campos a las ciudades ya que en los campos las personas trabajan para satisfacer sus necesidades y no generan dinero.
Debido a

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Estudio de caso del trabajo infantil en el trabajo doméstico en Costa Rica

DNI Costa Rica cuenta con una línea de atención a víctimas de trata, esclavitud moderna, abuso sexual y toda forma de violencia, donde se brinda atención psicosocial y legal. Llamada “Línea Mano Amiga”.
Por lo que de manera regular se reciben llamadas en donde se hacen consultas acerca derechos laborales. En

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Lutte contre le Travail des Enfants au Bénin : « Recrutement et Placement des enfants »

Eduquer un enfant est un sacerdoce dont certains parents se sont désengagés. Des êtres si fragiles qui n’ont pas demandés à naitre et qui se retrouvent pris par les tourments de la vie et condamnés à survivre.
Aujourd’hui près de 178 millions d’enfants sont au travail, dont 120 millions âgés

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Child Labour in Humanitarian Crisis

In today’s volatile world, more than 100 million people are in an urgent need of humanitarian assistance, of which 50 percent are children. More than 60 million people have been displaced and are facing extreme situations due to conflict, emergencies and natural disasters. Some of the major consequences of these

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Field Visit to Ghana

From Left to Right: Andrews Tagoe, Regional Coordinator GMACL, Anglophone Africa, Deepika Mittal, Campaigns Officer GMACL, Hon MP Joseph Amenowade, Cleophas Mally, Regional Coordinator GMACL, Francophone Africa
The Global March International Secretariat (GMIS) in July 2015 concluded a successful project visit to Africa. Under this current project “Capacity Building and

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Sustainable Development Goals – Q & A

On 25th September 2015, the world leaders adopted the famous Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the coming 15 years.
What are these goals and what do they mean for the world’s most vulnerable children-children in hazardous child labour, the ones trafficked, the ones in slavery and afflicted upon by violence? What

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