Global March

Do you want to work for an organisation where communication makes a difference in the lives of children worldwide?

In an organisation where you can use your passion for creative writing, media, internet and technology to influence people all over the world.

Where passion is more important than experience. If so, take a chance and apply for the job of Child friendly Communication Officer at Global March Against Child Labour
Here you can work as a real life influencer and where each like is coming from your colleagues and the children. Not just a thumbs up on a screen, but direct feedback. Of course we have some qualifications we would like you to have before your start but instead of going to a long list we just present the most essential ones.

For us, the most important one is that you fit in our team, i.e., with a group of people on a mission to eliminate child labour, who support each other.

● We also would like you to have an education related to communication-media or can showcase experience on working in the communications domain.
● Knowledge on traditional and modern forms of communication.
● Computer skills beyond ctrl alt del.
● Write like Shakespeare, talk like Obama, well you get the idea.
● Lastly, eagle-like sharp eye for detail.

Moving on to some of the specifics of the role, we expect you to
● Execute annual communication plan/strategy for the organisation
● Drive social media engagement
● Regularly update our website
● Design our annual reports, newsletters, mass mailers, and other communications
● Establish contacts with the media, journalists and key external stakeholders to ensure a wide reach of all external communications
● Monitor and report regularly on media and electronic coverage, including media liaison and social media updates.
● Research, interview, write and distribute press releases, op eds, articles, factsheets and other information in coordination with teams.
● Develop both traditional and web-based communication including production of IEC materials, brochures, templates, web pages, website updation etc.
● Support fundraising initiatives of the organization with effective communication strategy/developing of fundraising campaigns along with the team
● Design and implement new campaigns in consultation with the team to keep the Global March network energised and engaged
● Create buzz on important international days like the World Day Against Child Labour, adoption of the UNCRC, International Day of the Girl Child, etc.
● Make this year (UN declared International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour) memorable and engage with our different stakeholders during the year for the elimination of child labour.

Interested candidates to send their CV and 1 page cover letter to and/or, latest by 16th April, 2021

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