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See below Global March’s Action Pledge and get inspired:

Name of Global March Against Child Labour’s Action Pledge for 2021

Reinvigorate the fight against child labour: bringing together experts and youth advocates for multi-stakeholder action, while prioritising efforts in Africa

Description of 2021 Action Pledge

The Action Pledge targets civil society actors working in the field of child labour, along with a small cohort of youth advocates (beneficiaries). The main ideas is to bring together and convene civil society experts for peer learning exchanges for innovative and holistic solutions and multi-stakeholder actions on child labour. The Global March will tap into its own civil society network for implementing this pledge, using an online common platform, one-to-consultations, and group meetings, etc. Through this pledge, Global March aims to provide civil society organisations in the child labour field a convening space and also more opportunities to have their inputs/voices/ideas included in child labour efforts and interventions.

How the 2021 Action Pledge will be implemented

    1. Global March will create and convene a diverse and comprehensive group of 30 child labour experts by the end of 2021. The groups will draw experts from different geographies (Global North and Global South – local, national, regional, global experts), different CSO constituencies (NGOs, trade unions, teachers’ associations, etc.), with different thematic and cross-cutting topics (labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, education, gender, supply chains, domestic work), and with varied experience (veterans, researchers, practitioners, activists, mid-level and young-budding experts).This group of experts will offer guidance to current and new initiatives on child labour developed within the network of Global March; and engage/advocate with governments, companies, and civil society towards the elimination of child labour.This group will be convened via an online platform that will also facilitate peer exchange and learning. Global March will ensure the participation and input of child labour experts in internal and external events, forums and activities organised on child labour in 2021.
    2. Recognising the importance of including voices of the children and young people in the fight against child labour, with the goal of building their agency and leadership skills, Global March will foster youth advocates (including survivors) to be advocates/leaders on child labour in their communities/countries, starting with 8 youth advocates in 2021. For this, Global March will work and engage with its members in the Global South, train the youth advocates in their building public narratives, and facilitate their participation in events/forums organised on child labour in 2021. Due efforts and take would be taken to ensure that participation of children and young people in such activities/processes does not interfere or compromise with their education/schooling.
    3. Global March, with its civil society network, members and partners will go back to its origin and organise a virtual march against child labour focussing on the African continent to mobilise political will and action across stakeholders ahead of the 5th Global Conference on Child Labour in 2022.


How the Action Pledge will contribute to ending child labour by 2025

Global March has a large network of child labour specialists who have been advocating for the elimination of child labour for decades. There is a need to combine interventions to make a bigger impact on the elimination of child labour. By combining the experience of our members with new ideas we will be able to accelarate the fight against child labour. So in every event we will make sure that there is a balance of experienced experts and new and creative experts. This will help to create new innovative ideas towards the eradication of child labour.

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