Global March
Yuka Iwatsuki
Regional Representative from South East Asia

President/Co-founder, ACE (Action against Child Exploitation)
She founded ACE in 1997 while she was earning a master’s degree from the Osaka School of International Public Policy in response to Mr.Kailash Satyarthi’s call for joining the Global March Movement. She served as a fellow at Winrock International, working on the Best Practices Report of the CIRCLE project (2006). Currently She is acting as secretariat of STOP! Child Labour Network Japan, the board of Global March Against Child Labour and Japan Ethical Initiative.

Her work at ACE includes addressing child labour in cocoa industry in Ghana and cotton industry in India; advocacy; partnership with corporate sectors; and leading the organization to grow and build its reputation as a child labour specialist. ACE was nominated for The U.S. Department of Labor Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labor (2012). ACE won Nikkei Social Initiative Award in International category (2015) for its solution model involving corporate partners and consumers to end child labour in cocoa in Ghana.

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