Global March

2021 Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labor

Norma Flores López | Regional Board Representative from North America, Global March Against Child Labour

“It is truly an honor to represent my community. I am humbled to join the distinguished list of past recipients, and to share this year’s award with the International Labour Organization. I also share this award with those who I have had the honor of working alongside over the years to end child labor, and the countless people around the world who pour their hearts and soul into ending the exploitation of children — but those names we may never learn. I hope this recognition will open new doors that will help us build a better future. Together, we can end child labor. We can end exploitation. We can end poverty. We can, and we will.”

The Iqbal Masih Award is a non-monetary award presented annually by the U.S. Secretary of Labor and administered by ILAB’s Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking.


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