Global March

3rd Global Meet of Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights held in Brussels

Global March Against Child Labour organised the 3rd Meet of Parliamentarian’s Without Borders for Children’s Rights, in collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Commission, Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development. It was held in Brussels, Belgium on 3rd and 4th December, 2018. The meet witnessed the participation of 8 Members of Parliament belonging to Sri Lanka, Benin, Togo, Paraguay, Uganda, Ghana, Netherlands, Costa Rica and 2 members from ILO and 2 from European Commission respectively.

The participants shaped the discourse of the meeting by having pertinent discussions around child labour, the need for inclusive and quality education, the need to address intersectionalities such as migration and child labour in a nuanced way. The challenges in implementing laws and policies were also addressed along with what governments are doing to bridge the gaps between theory and practice, what progress has been made, the need to increase budgets and resource allocation, and how more stakeholders can be mobilized. The representatives from ILO and European Commission gave presentations on topics such as child labour in supply chains, what can Parliamentarians do to end child labour, migration in child labour discourse and the need for quality and skilled education for children among others. At the end of the 1.5 day meet, the Members of Parliament expressed their commitments through a group exercise which were compiled into a Statement of Commitments.


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