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About Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights

The world went global before parliamentarians went global. Parliamentarians globally are tied to local problems and next election. Yet, they are faced each day with more and more issues that cut across constituencies, countries and regions. These problems are global in nature, with no local or immediate solutions. They need a unified cross-country and global response. This thoughtwas sparked by Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate 2014 and Chairperson, Global March Against Child Labour and Senator Cristovam Buarque Ph.D and Brazilian Senator, to bring togethermembers of parliament from different continents on the issue of children rights.

While the idea of bringing together parliamentarians across countries and regions is not new, the notion of “Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights” has still not caught on, especially on issues of human rights, particularly slavery and child labour. ‘Parliamentarians Without Borders’ will give parliamentarians the opportunity to address the issue of children rights with their direct counterparts in different parts of the world.

Freedom is the soil for democracy. But children who are trafficked, enslaved and exploited as child labourers are denied freedom. They are denied the right to a free childhood.

‘Parliamentarians Without Borders’ is an active group of members of parliament from different countries, spanning across continents working together to create awareness about children rights and ways to implement those rights into local and international law, fulfilling the parliamentarians’ primary obligation as legislators. The parliamentarians will work within the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

List of Members of Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights

Name Nationality
Ms. Nafisa Azimi Afghanistan
Ms. Hamida Akbary Afghanistan
Ms. Fawzia Koofi Afghanistan
Mr. Nazmul Haque Prodhan Bangladesh
Ms. Fazilatun Nasa Bappy Bangladesh
Mr. Mir Showkat Ali Badsha Bangladesh
Mr. Md. Israfil Alam Bangladesh
Ms. Hosne Ara Lutfa Dalia Bangladesh
Ms. Kamrun Nahar Chowdhury Lovely Bangladesh
Senator Cristovam Buarque Brazil
Mr. Joseph Z Amenowode Ghana
Mr. Benson Baba Tongo Ghana
Mr. Ravi Prakash Verma India
Mr. Jay Panda India
Ms. Supriya Sule India
Ms. Sushmita Dev India
Mr. Bhagwant Khuba India
Ms. Ranjeet Ranjan India
Mr. Kishan Chand Tyagi India
Ms. Okky Asokawati Indonesia
Ms. Irine Roba Indonesia
Mr. Dilli Chaudhary Nepal
Ms. Ranju Jha Nepal
Mr. Yogendra Chaudhary Nepal
Dr. Usha Kiran Ansari Nepal
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gautam Nepal
Mr. Roelof van Laar Netherlands
Mr. Gerritjan van Oven Netherlands
Ms. Lubna Faisal Pakistan
Ms. Aliya Aftab Pakistan
Mr. Shehryar Afridi Pakistan
Ms. Saba Sadiq Pakistan
Mr. Luis Alberto Castiglioni Paraguay
Mr. Arunachelam Aravindh Kumar Sri Lanka
Ms. Rohini Kumari Wijeratne Sri Lanka
Ms. Amineh Kakabaveh Sweden
Dr. Muhammed Çetin Turkey
Ms. Grace Kesande Uganda
Mr. Guma Gumisiriza Uganda


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