Global March

National Campaign on SDGs on Child Labor and Child Protection, Nepal

Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal in partnership with Global March has been implementing project entitled “Strengthening the worldwide movement to protect girls and boys from exploitation towards roadmap 2025” since March 2018.  The project has been implemented aiming to strengthen national process on implementing SDGs with active engagement of youths and civil society especially on the area of child labor and child protection with a gender perspective. Specifically the project intends to educate and mobilize Nepalese civil society and youths on campaigning for SDGs on child labor and child protection using a gender lens;  and develop and implement joint action plan on child rights, integrating gender nuances, by NGOs and youths for nationwide campaign on SDGs and child labor and child protection.

Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal in coordination with NACG and CZOP hosted a three days National Advocacy Planning Workshop among CSOs on SDGs and Child Protection, Child Marriage and Child Labor from 20th-22nd March 2018 at Yellow Pagoda, Kathmandu Nepal.  59 participants (26-F, 33-M) from seven states of Nepal participated in the workshop. The workshop brought together the state, province and local government bodies to address the issues that are creating confusion for the implementation and achievement of SDGs. The workshop aimed to provide updated information regarding SDGs whose goal and target is directly related to child protection, child marriage and child labor with reference to Nepal road map for SDGs, also provide them an opportunity to generate an action plan on the priority issues and agendas on child protection, child marriage and child labor that need to be address in there province and state.

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