Global March

Africa Virtual March Against Child Labour

To see children in school; not at work!

Campaign date: 10th January until 10th March, 2022


Millions of children in Africa are toiling in child labour, at the cost of their health, education and childhood. Sub-saharan Africa has 87 million child labourers, i.e, more children in child labour than in rest of the world combined. These children are from vulnerable families and their socio-economic conditions have exacerbated since the pandemic started.

Current status

40% children, i.e., 69 million children in Eastern and Southern Africa alone are not in school due to COVID-19 and pre-pandemic drivers. These children are at risk of exploitation and losing their childhood.

Why Africa Virtual March Against Child Labour?

While child labour in Asia-Pacific and Latin America has reduced, the same cannot be said for the Africa region. Africa Virtual March Against Child Labour is required in making a breakthrough and we need to focus on prioritising the efforts in the Africa region towards free quality public education, to see all children in school.

The campaign

The campaign focuses on a call to action towards getting children back to school, given that education is an effective social vaccine against child labour. The 5th Global Conference on Child Labour which is to be held in South Africa (May 2022) is an opportunity to mobilise support for this call and make it happen.

This campaign led by Global March Against Child Labour, with the support from civil society actors, public, influencers and others in and outside Africa will also invite the ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and the South Africa President to take urgent steps to address child labour. 

Participating countries

Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Togo, Niger, Ivory Coast, Mali, South Africa (till date)

We invite you to participate and MARCH with us!

  • Organisations working on child rights, children’s education, child protection, child labour, etc.
  • Individuals who want to support the cause 
  • Media agencies/ media houses
  • Parents, teachers and students
  • Online/ Offline influencers

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