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Children’s World Congress On Child Labour, 2004

The Children’s World Congress has shown in a big way that children from all over the world want one and the same thing – the chance to enjoy childhood! Therefore children took the reins in their hands for the first ever Children’s World Congress on Child Labour in Florence, Italy from May 10 until May 13 . The goal of the Children’s World Congress was to give children the opportunity to emerge as social activists and world leaders at the forefront of the fight for children’s rights. Children’s opinion of their needs, fears, hopes and desires are critical in identifying effective strategies to combat the problems they face (Concept paper). The very process of listening to children and involving them is an important step in helping them. The Children’s World Congress was not just one international event but a process to empower children to make them realise that they are capable of creating a new world free of child labour.

Children went beyond the barriers of country borders, languages and background to put across their views lucidly and share information quite effectively. The powerful Children’s Declaration has proved that united with one aim, kids can make a difference.

The heartfelt words of children that energised one and all present in Florence left an indelible mark to take prompt action on the demands made by children for a child labour free world through education for all programmes and poverty eradication strategies. You can read a short account on the World Congress.

Children are putting forward their commitment in the form of various activities in their respective countries. To know more about the activities in all the regions, please <click> here.

Now it is the turn of the civil society, the governments, INGOs and businesses to fulfill the demands made by children in their Declaration.

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