Global March

Pan-Europe And Maghreb Regional Conference

Global March remains the most recognisable global alliance against child labour and for universal education, but our profile in Europe has diminished in recent years. The Sofia consultation concluded that we need to adapt to the new legal, constitutional, political and economic realities of Europe; to coordinate more effectively across borders; and, in some cases, to rebuild national networks that have become weak or even inactive. The GM International Council and the ITUC – as the key international and pan-European trade union constituent of the Global March – wish to support a stronger regional alliance between NGOs and trade unions that can deliver a reinvigorated programme of work.

Agenda of the Meeting

To establish a new Pan-European/Euro-Mediterranean structure including all 51 states of the ILO’s European Region (EU and non-EU members; the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia and Turkmenistan; and Turkey) plus Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Nothing prevents us from seeking to enlarge our Euro-Mediterranean reach if we wish. We noted the benefits of continued sub-regional coordination and the need for more effective national coordination among effective and active member organisations.

To establish a permanent office in Brussels (or possibly the Netherlands).

Pan-European Interim Coordinating Committee

Emilia Bacheva

Said Haddid

Helena Lipponen

Elke Oeyen

Yvan Nicolas

Nadia Seryakova

Kailash Satyarthi

Simon Steyne

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