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Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on ILO C138 held in Uganda

Global March’s partner in Uganda, National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU) organised a National Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on ILO convention 138 (minimum age to employment) took place on 11th and 12th December at Eureka Place Hotel in Kampla which was attended by participants from civil society, trade unions, workers’ organizations, employers’ organizations, and government officials. The workshop started with the registration of the participants followed by self-introductions and each participant gave what he expected after the introductions.

To support the Consultation, a policy brief on the situation of child laborers and on the need to strengthen the implementation of ILO Convention 138 were drafted and discussed at the Consultation and distributed to different stakeholders

The main objective of this workshop was to make participants aware of the contents of the convention and the challenges faced in its implementation so that participants can deliberate on informed point of view. NOTU Project Coordinator, Anthony Turyahebwa opened the workshop with the presentation on ILO Convention 138 (minimum age).  After the session on ILO Convention 138, the situation of child labour in Uganda was discussed including the gaps in implementation of laws and policies related to it. Some of the recommendations suggested were:

  • Awareness of the convention among the public/ awareness of the minimum age
  • Capacity building for key stakeholders/ actors
  • Monitoring the convention on minimum age
  • Sharing of good practices among actors e.g. child friendly villages
  • Strengthen enforcement laws
  • Child participation through the child participation strategy 2017
  • Advocacy and lobby
  • Train parents on parenting skills and guidelines
  • Strengthen household livelihoods
  • Sensitize employers

An action plan of 3-5 years was also worked upon in groups that will direct the future course of action.


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