Global March

Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights- Sri Lanka Chapter Kick- off Meeting

Global March’s implementing partner in Sri Lanka, Centre for Children’s Happiness (CCH Sri Lanka) convened the Network Forum or the Parliamentarians Without Borders- Sri Lanka Chapter that brought together diverse political leaders and parliamentarians, to disseminate knowledge and information about Sri Lanka’s child rights situation. The forum, held on 11th March 2019, witnessed active discussions and deliberations by 16 representatives. The PWB Sri Lankan representative Hon. Aravinda Kumar, Member of Parliament, highlighted the importance of expanding the PWB Sri Lankan chapter and further illuminated the progress of Global March’s PWB initiative over the past few years. Some of the proposed advocacy actions for bolstering child rights included collaboration with CSOs, expanding the network by identifying potential members keen to work on issues of children, inculcating child rights education in schools, instituting proper support structures for children belonging to low economic backgrounds and intensifying collective efforts to ensure political leaders’ initiatives escalate to the local levels.


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