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2015 At a Glance on Twitter

2015 At a Glance on Twitter

2015 was a marvellous year! As the year comes to an end we would like to share with you our most fond activities on the social media. With a pro active twitter handle, we aimed to inform and engage as many people as possible on the issue of child labour and slavery. Social media is an interactive platform, and we enjoyed receiving your comments, views, queries,likes, favourites and retweets. We extend a big thank you for sharing your thoughts and our content on the same.

Here is a quick recap of Global March’s social media activities in 2015…

The biggest highlight: inclusion of modern slavery and human trafficking in the SDGs. Setting goals for the next 15 years…
The release of an emotionally compelling video on children in supply chains proved to be a great success.
Celebrating the important UN days.
The End Child Slavery Week Campaign promulgated our cause at a new level. From social media posts to live Q&A round with Mr. Satyarthi, the Week was full of graphics and visually appealing content to create awareness to end child slavery.

Rejoicing on the 1st noble peace prize anniversary by reaffirming our motive to end child slavery and labour
With the New Year coming in we have our spirits, hope and dedication renewed. The 2030 Goals stand as a huge responsibility and opportunity. We wish to consolidate our vision and make it stronger with your support. Keep sharing, retweeting, liking and following us to help make 2016 even better. Happy New Year !

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