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Global March’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

Global March to Peace March

Sweden support Peace March

The 8th Anniversary of Global March was celebrated in Sweden on 17 th. of January in Örebro. On this occasion a impressive numbers of children, youth and adults gathered in Örebro city at 5 PM. They started a torch march to commemorate Global March event and to show their solidarity with children of the world. The marchers were carrying global march logo, posters, banners and chanting slogans like “GO, GO GLOBAL MARCH, GLOBAL MARCH FOR EDUCATION, DOWN, DOWN CHILD LABOUR, NO WARS NO CHILD TRAFFICKING. The March was led by the children themselves.

Many parents brought their small children in baby carriages in the torch march and walked forty minutes in chilly and -7 degrees weather. The March was ended at Olof Palme square where speeches were delivered. The president BLLF Global and Global March Sweden co-ordinator Ehsan Ullah Khan said that during 8 years period, Global March achieved a remarkable success on global level. ILO approved a new convention 182 to stop child labour and worst child exploitation in the world, the issue of children rights and the right for education for all was highlighted. The children got leadership, importance and right of speaking themselves for their rights. Khan said still there is high need of struggle because 264 million are waiting for freedom from child labour and child slavery in the world. More over 1.2 million sex-slaves are living in the world, and half of them are children. Due to armed conflicts and wars these children are trafficked every day to Europe and USA. The yearly global weapon trade is 839 billion dollars. Wars create poverty and poverty creates wars but unfortunately UN Security council’s 5 permanent members’ countries produce 80 % of the world’s war-weapons. We appeal in the name of children that war-weapon production should be controlled and all countries should sign weapon control treaty. He said that with out global peace there is no other way to protect children or their rights. Due to that Global March is planning a Children Global Peace March in 2007. Khan asked people if they want to support the Peace March. The all children and participant hold up their hands and replied “yes, we are with global march and support Children Global Peace March”.

The Global March Örebro organisers Anders Enarsson from Teachers’ Union, Kjell Sundqvist from LO International in Örebro district, Peo Persson from LO and Ann-Carin Sjostrom, contact person Global March together with teacher from Örebro were also in the torch march. Global March Sweden’s partners from Helsingborg and other parts of Sweden sent their goodwill messages.

Anders talked to the participants and said that Örebro people will continue their struggle for rights of the child. He said that Örebro’s child rights memorandum is historic document which shows the deep commitment of politicians and commune.

On the end of Torch March a special meeting was held on Bolivian situation. Peo Persson, who had just been in Bolivia, informed about ABF Bolivian project, Bolivian culture and Bolivian mine workers and mine child labours and their conditions in with details with help of film and slides.


Reported by Emil Ulfström

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