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Stakeholders Meeting to Review Findings on Laws on Child Labour in Kenya

ANPPCAN Regional (Kenya Chapter) is carrying out a project on Strengthening the Worldwide Movement for Protection of Children from Violence at Work in Kenya. Under this project, ANPPCAN undertook a national review of policies, laws, programmes relating to child labour and education in the country. This review document was disseminated among other stakeholders who were invited at the Stakeholders Meeting to review the findings and give their comments for further advocacy with the government.

Dr. Philista Onyango, Regional Director, ANPPCAN Regional Office during the meeting informed that the review sought to undertake a comprehensive analysis of key government laws, policies and National Action Plans dealing with child labour, examine the extent to which the goals of child protection were being achieved, while identifying gaps that hinder effective implementation. She welcomed participants to the meeting and encouraged them to intensely deliberate on the findings and provide feedback on the findings to enrich the document for sharing with other stakeholders.   She informed the audience that the report was a draft and ANPPCAN was looking for feedback from stakeholders attending the meeting to complete the task.

Download full minutes of the meeting here>>


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