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2 December is marked as the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

On this day, Global March Against Child Labour with its partners, is commencing its week-long campaign “End Child Slavery Week” to bring awareness on the issue of child slavery and help eradicate it from the face of earth. Today as many as 5.5 million children are working in one of the worst conditions, a number greater than in any other time of history.

That is why we need to spread awareness about it far and wide.

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From 2 December we will be setting off a social media wave through HeadTalker that will prompt Tweets, Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr Posts from supporters all around the world.

We want you, your friends, friends of friends, family and neighbours to use this week as a chance to demand freedom for the millions of children trapped in slavery, abuse and exploitation. The motive of this campaign is to amass as many supporters as possible to raise our voices on behalf of the most vulnerable children on this earth.

Now that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted, it is a great chance to bring the spotlight on the child slaves yet again, and prioritize the implementation of the child- related SDGs at national, state and local levels, to help end child slavery once and for all.

Sign up and join our pledge on HeadTalker today and do your bit to #endchildslavery.

You can also go to our webpage and add your support.

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