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The 7th Anniversary of Global March, Sweden

The 7th Anniversary of Global March, Sweden

The Swedish Global March observed the 7th Anniversary of Global March on 17th January 2005. In spite of Swedish cold and windy weather an impressive number of children, men and women gathered in Örebro, the city remembered as the Children’s rights city in Sweden, since the successful EU-conference on Children’s rights in 2001.

The children were carrying banners with Global March and demanding respect for Children’s rights. All were chanting slogans as Go, Go Global March and Global March for education.

The participants were holding torches in their hands as a symbol of freedom of children of the world. Before starting the march, the participants hold 1 silent minute for the Tsunami victims.

The march was led by the children of Brunnsskolan in Örebro, which passed through the inner city of Örebro and finally reached Olof Palme’s memorial place.

The Global March co-ordinator of Sweden, Ehsan Ullah Khan, Kjell Sundqvist from LO and Anders Enarsson from Teachers’ Union expressed their full solidarity with the children’s rights, struggle and they were also singing Global March song to guitar played by Anders Enarsson.

The manifestation was arranged by Global March Örebro, LO and Teachers’ Union. Later on Global March hold a meeting at ABF Örebro’s office, where certificates were given to Simon Björk and Beata Falk for their participation in Children’s World Congress on Child Labour in Florence 2004 signed by Chairperson Kailash Satyarthi. Simon Björk showed his slides from the congress and told the audience about his experience of the congress.

Mr Kjell Sundqvist told about the Bolivian gold mine, which is built up in Örebro and told that more than thousand people have now visited the mine. He said that he and his colleague Per-Olof Persson maybe will go to Pakistan and try to build up a mine or brick kiln from Pakistan as their next project.

The participants also expressed their will to hold the second Children’s World Congress in Sweden.

Best wishes to all of you!
Ehsan Ullah Khan and Ann-Carin Sjöström
Global March Sweden

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